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A couple weeks ago I was completely inspired by the talks of Dr. Andy Roberts and Dr. Shawn Dill at the seminar put on by “That Something” coaching program. The predominant theme that weekend was about the “experience” in your office affects the emotional state of your patients which directly affects the decisions that they make.

To piggy back on that weekend I would like to tie in 6 basic human needs we have that people seek out in their experience.

The Dream

Our office experience targets the 6 human needs creating a peak emotional state so our patients make the best decisions for their health and family.

Tony Robbins

I have always been fascinated by the teachings of Anthony Robbins. I have been to most of his seminars and listen to him continually on my phone. Specifically he has great insight on why drives us. In other words he explains why we make every decision, whether we know it or not. Below is a great video of Tony explaining the 6 Human Needs.

What does this mean to us?

We need to frame our office “experience” to serve each human need.

Certainty – Having specific, well rehearsed procedures that guarentees the same level of exceptional service on any visit. Also when they send in their referrals they experience just what was said about the office.

Variety – Continually having a new piece of information / education is a super way to keep patients engaged.

Significance – Every team member required to greet patients by their first name, the Doctor knowing and asking about family / life. Specific, personal thank you notes

Connection / Love – Our initial exam and report of findings should capture the heart and mind of the patient and instill hope.

Growth – This is an easy need to meet. You can achieve this through a New Patient Class, or scripting out the first X number of visits to include an educational / philosophical piece. Amazing opportunity to transform the way people think about health.

Contribution – Allow your patients to refer in others as a way for them to share their new found success.

Robbins also mentions that anytime you meet 3 needs you create a habit.

Comment below to let others know your ideas to meeting the 6 Human Needs during a Chiropractic Visit.


3 Comments for this entry

Dr. Tron
June 18th, 2008 on 12:05 pm

Great blog Dr. White.

Anthony Robbins has some fantastic information that I feel we can pass onto all of our patients.

At the recent Specific seminar in California, Dr. Dill also spoke about the word hope. Hope is that secret ingredient all patients need, but I think many chiropractors in the field miss. As chiropracTORS we cannot promise results, but we can deliver hope. Think about that for awhile and reflect on whether or not you are providing that to your patients.

Dr. Tron Malachowski
Specific ChiropracTOR

June 19th, 2008 on 9:20 am

Dr. Tron,

You are right, Hope is a strong emotion, one that is typically left out of medical model. In fact I just read a study which states that M.D.’s are now less likely to just give out a death sentence citing a growing number of “spontaneous remissions”. I think hope falls into Robbins’ “growth” need. Great Comment!

June 21st, 2008 on 2:08 am

How can I get the Dream Practice Blueprint? It only sends me the email for the first 3 days.

Kind Regards,