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guest blog by : Dr. Drew Hall

On a casual visit to Dr. Kuhn’s office, I got the news……. A legend had passed. After the news, I spent a day reflecting about what that Dr. Weldon Muncy meant to me personally, and what that one man meant to the Blair upper cervical movement. I will start with my personal experiences with the MAN, Dr. Muncy.

Dr. Muncy was a man who was driven by a principle, and his actions spoke much louder than his words. He was in my opinion one of the greatest Upper Cervical doctors that has ever stepped foot on this planet. He had talents that could be seen and felt but not taught.

Dr. Muncy

Dr. Weldon Muncy

Almost two decades ago I was in side lash injury. Unfortunately, during that same time my Blair had doctor sustained the same type of injury and was having trouble clearing me. I have always said that Upper Cervical Adjusting is an athletic event. For one to be at the top of his game he must be physiologically there also. So, to digress, my case was not clearing and I was referred to this man, Dr. Muncy. It was a five hour drive to Lancaster, the last hour of which was on a god-forsaken two lane highway in the middle of the high desert. I was desperate and hoped that this man would change my life, or at least allow it to be at peace!

So I pulled up to this one story building that appeared to be more of a prison than an Upper Cervical office. And then I stepped through that front door and out walked a THE MAN, Dr. Muncy. A steely demeanor, short of words but brimmed with confidence. After spending just a few moments with the MAN, you knew that he knew what he was doing.

I was x-rayed and adjusted… within an hour my foggy head turned into a clear headed sane individual. My thoughts turned from negative and pessimistic, to optimistic and hopeful. Once again I had been cleared, and this time my life’s path would be driven in a new direction.

For the next 5 years I was under Dr. Muncy’s care. It was a privilege to not only live life free of brainstem pressure, but to be in a master’s presence. I had the opportunity to take several seminars from him, and the conviction with which he taught bled through his every word.

Dr. Muncy with Dr. Pierce

Dr. Muncy with Dr. Pierce

Some of you may know that Doctor Muncy suffered from a myriad of health issues prior to Upper Cervical Care. At a young age he was in three major accidents within 3 weeks. One was a head-on collision that nearly killed his mom. As the story goes, a drunk hit them head on at 50 MPH. His mom was scalped, and he was ejected toward the ceiling -sustaining a major ATLAS subluxation. Clearly that event would be the genesis that would shape the rest of his life.

For the next several years his posture dramatically worsened. He had aches and pains through his entire body for which he sought full spine care. As Dr. Muncy put it, “I was grateful for the full spine care. I was adjusted once a week throughout my whole spine which helped tremendously with the pain.”

It was only later that he was working on the electrical in an office that just happened to be an HIO UC doctor. The doctor checked doctor Muncy, x-rayed him and adjusted him. He made great strides over the next two years under HIO care. He held his first adjustment for two years, if my recollection is right. After holding for 18 months a healing crescendo occurred that undoubtedly gave Dr. Muncy some of the conviction that he held for all these years for the principle and practice of Upper Cervical Blair Chiropractic. He awoke one morning and when he stood up his shoulders were wretched backwards and his entire thoracic spinal musculature was in complete spasm. Dr. Muncy would say,” I walked around like superman for six weeks and it wasn’t on purpose!” After the cycle of repair relented his posture was more erect than it had been in ten years. It was that experience that made him finally decide that UC was his future path. He had a poignant way of talking about his experiences and this postural change was the pivotal one for him and his future. AS Dr. Muncy put it, “It was quite simple after that. I took the kids and my wife and said we are going to Davenport! “And so he did.

After graduating Palmer he practiced HIO as BJ taught at the college. It wasn’t until later that he met Dr. Blair and under his tutelage became one of the most respected Upper Cervical doctors this world has ever known. The idea that the cervical spine, and, for that matter, the entire body is asymmetrical rang true for Dr. Muncy. He always use to say that each individual is unique, and so you must take a custom set of x-rays unique to that individual’s anatomy. Blair’s great discovery was how one can ascertain a correct vertebral misalignment when analyising the spine. He realized that all of the analysis systems within chiropractic were based on a symmetric model, and thus were prone to inherent error. Dr. Blair discovered a unique analysis that looked at the outer portion of the atlas articulation with its correspondent the condyle. By viewing this outer edge one can ascertain the true vertebral misalignment even if the bone structure is completely different form left to right.

Dr. Muncy carried on Bill Blair’s mission. He was hand picked by Bill Blair to carry on his work. And that is what Dr. Muncy did. Without Dr. Muncy, it is questionable whether the work would be where it is today. He worked tirelessly and taught the principle that saved his life, and the lives of thousands of others in his office.

Dr. Muncy will be missed by many. He was not only one of the best UC docs that has stepped foot on planet earth, but he was also a man with a huge heart. It was obvious that he cared deeply about those he took care of. One of his sayings that will always stick with me is this,” You take care of each and every person in your office as if they were your mom, your child, or your wife.” And that is what Dr. Muncy did. Dr. Muncy may be gone but his spirit and dedication lives on. And it is our job as Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractors to carry on Bill Blair and Dr. Muncy’s work. You will be missed Dr. Muncy. We all will never ever forget what you have done for us. RIP

Dr. Drew Hall

This year at the Blair Chiropractic Annual Convention, we will be dedicating the weekend to this noble talented warrior for the cause along with Dr. George Banitch. We would love to have the biggest event ever. Come join us in Dallas Texas Sept 26th and 27th. To register go to .

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