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Dr Dana Clum

Dr. Dana Cavell Clum

Dr. Dana Cavell Clum lives and practices the vitalistic philosophy of life and health.  As a 1999 graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic, she has strong roots in upper cervical technique (Side Posture, Blair, Knee Chest), integrated with gentle, specific, full spine care.  Practice has taken her to Costa Rica, Spain, Florida, New York and now Kirkland, Washington where she owns and runs, Clear Chiropractic.  Time and time again she has proven her ability to quickly grow a strong, high volume, subluxation centered practice focused on family care, prenatal, pediatric and sports chiropractic.

Understanding the gap that exists between students and the successful Practitioner, Dr. Clum now runs with the vision that Dr. White had in launching this Website and Chiropractic Blog and continues the objective of providing a free resource for students to help them build their own dream chiropractic practice, www.ownyourdreampractice.com.

This forum, like life, will only be as great as you make it. Join the conversation…


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Core Values

  1. Emphasize health comes from within.
  2. Grow personally to grow professionally
  3. Live and promote the 5 pillars of Well-Being
  4. Doctor means teacher
  5. Recommend honest and ethical care plans
  6. Serve with compassion
  7. Practice clinical excellence
  8. Build open and honest relationships
  9. Deliver the exceptional Chiropractic Experience
  10. Support new Docs in their process towards success and mastery


Dr. Darren White

The original owner of Clear Chiropractic, Dr. Darren White had a passion for building successful Upper Cervical Chiropractic Practices.   The Team at CLEAR Chiropractic has designed and refined a proven system to launch recent graduates into a practice with a strong focus on Clinical Excellence, Patient Experience, Team Culture and  Community Outreach.  All of this backed with strong business and service systems. Their purpose?  Flat out change the way people think about health.

Dr. White graduated from Life University, Atlanta, Georgia in September 2001,  had the opportunity to serve as an Intern, Associate Doctor, Clinic Director and Clinic Owner.  In 2004, Dr. White founded Clear Chiropractic, a small collection of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Practices specializing in the Blair Chiropractic Technique in Washington’s Puget Sound area.

Drawing on his belief that Chiropractors are leading the wellness revolution, Dr. White founded  ADURO, Inc, a Redmond, Washington based company specializing in creating wellness cultures within corporate America.