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Ownership As A Destination

There is no doubt that that there is enough information floating around, most of it for free, to help you open a Chiropractic Office. The trick is can you assimilate and implement it quick enough to keep your doors open. It is our understanding that the fastest most comprehensive way to the top is to be totally immersed in an already ultra successful environment. Much like a baby being thrown into the water your brain has no time think about anything but survival…and you learn to swim incredibly fast. Likewise we could tell you how to ride a bike but really it just takes getting on the bike and falling off a bunch of times until you find your balance. We cannot “tell” you how to balance.

See It, Feel It For Yourself!

The Apprenticeship is a lost art that should not be ignored.  So much of communication is non-verbal that it is impossible to transfer knowledge on words and paper alone. The apprentice must see it through their own eyes so they may capture the the true essence of what is occurring.  As Masters move through their learning curve they actually begin to forget what they do that is making them so successful as they now do it automatically also know as Unconscious Competence.  By being immersed as an Apprentice you will experience what other miss.

Own It!

This is not a coaching program.  This is not a franchise.  Nothing is out of the box.  There are no fees, no royalties and no members.  This is an INCUBATOR.  This is experiential learning. You will be immersed in an already successful environment at our home office.  As you master competencies and grow your practice you will be increasingly more independent until we finally graduate you from the home nest and build you an office that is a complete expression of you.  Once you are ready… you may OWN it!

We Don’t Win Unless You Win

That’s right we can’t win unless you win.  If you are not successful, we are not successful.  This puts us both on the line, we both have skin in the game and the only way to win is if we both win.  This is why it is so important to be in an environment that is successful today not yesterday or many years ago or even in another part of the county/world.

Exclusive Opportunity

We only take on 2 Doctors per year and currently you must be willing to practice the Blair Technique, in an integrated full spine manner, in Washington State.  This opportunity is not for everybody… only those committed to becoming the best they can be in the shortest amount of time.

Sounds Perfect?

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