I have been so excited to see Brandon Harshe take the lead at his Atlas of Life Blog regarding the need for Upper Cervical Chiropractors to jump into the Social Media World.  He recently has published a series of Blogs explaining in great detail how to get started on a Blog.

When I first jumped into this arena I easily found myself intensely engaged in the learning curve till the wee hours of the morning.   Even with easy step by step directions there is still a lot of tweaking required to get it “live.”  We must keep in perspective what we do best and make sure we are operating from that place.  We need to make sure this opportunity enhances our practices and lives not keeps us up all night.


The Dream Team

You might look at someone like Brandon Harshe, Shawn Dill, Michael Dorausch and other great Bloggers in Chiropractic and wonder how do they do that AND practice?  PlanetC1 does SO much for Chiropractic, and though I don’t know him well, through twitter and the like I “see” he still has a huge practice.  How do they do it?

I wondered the same question as I have been on this journey and below I have compiled my “leverage list.”  I have learned to leverage currency and timezones to get things done while I sleep and for a fraction of the cost.

All of the sites below have a few things in common.

  • Low Bids – Most of these sites will generate 30-50+ bids for your project posting allowing you to examine their portfolios and see who is a great match.  Also because there are so many bids they are forced to keep their prices very competitive.
  • Currency – Most of the bids do come from India, Pakistan, Russia, Eastern Europe etc., therefore our dollar goes a lot further.  It is not uncommon for someone to do great work for you for less than $5-7 per hour.
  • Timezone – Lastly because they are usually  12 + timezones away, they are working in their day while you are sleeping in your night!  Just before bed you write out a project….you awake to find it DONE!


This site allows you to post a job or project.  Pretty much any job or project.  These for me have ranged from helping me customize an excel spreadsheet, cleaning up my Quickbooks, creating websites, creating blogs, fixing glitches and the list goes on.


This site is great for managing a team of people you hire for ongoing projects.  This is by far my favorite site.  It allows you to post your job, interview candidates, manage their work by seeing their screen shots and activities and most importantly it allows them to communicate between other team members you hire.  This gets addictive because it is so easy to manage a whole team and odesk.com works out sending them a 1099 so you don’t worry about payroll problems.


LOVE this site.  Used it many times for logos.  I have written about it before and they always continue to impress me.  Here you post design projects like logos, landing pages or even entire website then you will receive 40+ designs to choose from.  The CEO @rosskimbarovsky is also a great person to follow on twitter as he tweets the conferences he attends.  You will learn a ton from him.


This is a great site for a personal assistant.  They have English speaking project managers that help you leverage economy while still being able to communicate clearly.  I use them mainly for research projects.

I still do most of the work myself as I love it.  This blog post was written from my front yard on a sunny Seattle Sunday morning with a great cup of Earl Gray Tea!  However, to really move fast you must outsource your weaknesses and the things you dislike.

PLEASE comment below if you have any other great resources you would like to share!  Or just comment a thumbs up if you liked this post!


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Brandon Harshe
May 10th, 2009 on 2:48 pm

Thanks for the props! Sometimes I wonder how I do it, too! ;-D

thanks for the great suggestions!

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