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In preparing for the newest practice to open in Redmond, Washington, we had to create a logo for the new office.  This step is very important for your Chiropractic success because it is the foundation of your brand.  The look, tone and feel of your image will be a direct extension of your logo.  Conventionally, most people consult a graphic designer who will attempt to capture your wishes in a brief interview and present back maybe 2-5 different logo concepts.  The next step would be to decide on one of those concepts and then you will have 2-3 revisions to get to the final logo.  Estimated investment…$500 – $2000. Estimated time 1-3 weeks.  Results…limited.

The Dream Logo

Hire a team of 50 graphics designers who will present 89 concepts and allow for as many revisions as you like. Once you choose your favorite they deliver it in as many different formats as you like.  These graphics designers come from all over the world bringing different ideas from their own culture and experiences.

Collaborate with the World

We posted our project on a website called  This website allows you to post a project, assign an award/price and define a time frame for completion.  In our case the project was a logo for our latest office.  The award was 300 bucks.  The time frame was 1 week.  That’s it!  During the week Dr. Endel was able to communicate to the designers and ask for revisions of the ones he was liking.  At the end of the week we had 89 concepts and Dr. Endel chose his favorite.

Which version do you like better? If you know of any other sites like this please leave them in the comments below. This was a great find.

Dr. Darren White

11 Comments for this entry

Brandon Harshe
August 30th, 2008 on 8:23 pm

Wow! Great logo! I like both a lot, but probably lean more toward the red. Red is more of an eye catching color. According to Guy Kawasaki, it’s THE color to get people’s attention. especially with a blog like that.

August 31st, 2008 on 12:25 pm


Tiffany Butters
August 31st, 2008 on 2:33 pm

I actually like the black one. It’s like you’re lighting up the darkness and offering hope.

Ross Kimbarovsky
August 31st, 2008 on 2:44 pm

Thanks so much for writing about crowdSPRING in your post. We were really excited that you gave the thousands of designers working on (130+ countries!) an opportunity to help you with your creative needs. We started crowdSPRING to help small and midsize businesses leverage creatives from around the world – and you are absolutely right – having 50 designers work with you is MUCH better than one. We’re all about choice, and as Dr. Endel found, nothing can beat choice – especially when you as the buyer get to establish your own price.

In addition to choice, crowdSPRING provides full project managment, free customized legal agreements for the protection of intellectual property and we pay creatives anywhere in the world. And – we guarantee our service. If you don’t get at least 25 entries – you are entitled to a full refund. There is no small print.

So we invite you and your readers to take a look – it’s a great way to buy creative services (logos, websites, print materials, illustrations, marketing materials, custom invitations, etc.) – and the results speak for themselves.


Ross Kimbarovsky

September 2nd, 2008 on 11:30 am

I would be careful of the red. Red is a “stop color”. It portrays emergency… like the red cross, red flashing lights on an ambulance. It is an excitatory color… tends to increase heart rate and respiration. Is that your intended effect everytime a patient or potential patient sees your logo? The color does not go along with the concept of hope.

The black is a very powerful logo. Black represents power. It also is a “bad luck” color.

Visually they are both attractive, but I would look into the “psychology of colors” to make sure the colors you choose are aligned with the message you are trying to portray.


September 2nd, 2008 on 12:36 pm

I like the grey one. It captures how the candle brightens the logo. It seemed more professional to put and dark background and accent your flame with an overshot of light grey. It seemed as if the candle was lighting the card.
Very cool!

Darren White
September 2nd, 2008 on 3:37 pm


I am intrigued by your input! I would imagine there is a whole subconscious impression going on.

Where does one find such information? Any recommendations on the psychology of color you like?


September 2nd, 2008 on 7:52 pm

Here is a nice website that gives a wide spectrum of views on colors…

You can go a lot deeper with this as well.

I don’t have any specific recommendations but rather would encourage you to look for a congruency between your clinic’s purpose statement and mission statement and the colors used.

E-myth also teaches us that these considerations will transcend the logo and will also factor into deciding on the decor of the office and even the dress of the doctor!


September 3rd, 2008 on 11:50 pm


October 7th, 2008 on 4:35 pm

I really like the red, however I would also look into the psychology of what each of these colors mean. Red is an alert color, while Black has many different meanings. Similiar to what Dr. Dill said, i would see how the consumer would react to the colors choosen

December 19th, 2008 on 1:38 pm

I would explore the deeper blue tones or a blue to grey gradient.
Blue is a calming color and stats show it is a color that lends itself to trust and commitment like more sales and closed deals.