Success is elusive. Success is a puzzle. Success is different for everyone. A couple of weeks ago I was trying to figure out if there were any similarities in Chiropractic’s super successful. Though I was looking for similarities, I became fascinated by how different each person’s story was. Recently I emailed one of my closest friends from school who certainly has one of the biggest practices I know. He and I had worked on several projects together in school and I KNEW he would be a huge success. If serving the masses is your vision, this couple’s story will be truly inspirational. It’s certainly not all about the numbers, but to put their practice into perspective, they were just nearing the 1000 visits per week milestone. I first asked him his story without letting him know what I was looking for. I wanted to hear what was most important to him versus what I thot was important. Then I  followed up with three specific questions that I had compiled from your twitter responses.



It’s an honor to share.

Once we as a Team, Dr. Amanda, Myself and the Team members started to get the “Big Idea”, which is continually realizing and reminding ourselves that we are nothing and God is everything. Letting God use us on a daily basis to serve principled chiropractic to the masses. Teaching our patients Above, Down, Inside, Out. That Healing takes time and repetition. That we are a practice of integrity, honesty, transparency and here to serve God by serving them, then it all starts to come together.

“The procedures aren’t what let you serve the masses, but you can’t serve the masses without the procedures.” I recommend you chew on that a while!

It takes an awesome, dedicated and principled team that is sold out, ALL-In, and Always Faithful to the Principle of Chiropractic that will initially attract and then allow you to serve the people. It takes a powerful, convicted chiropractor to deliver a one of a kind Dr’s Report. It takes concise and effective team huddles and meetings. It takes time to build Deep Roots with a principled practice and team… such thing as shooting stars!

As time goes on, the practice is getting easier and the presence of God is getting stronger. As we keep serving more people, there seems to be more time to serve them. As we keep saying less, the patients keep understanding more. How could all that be possible?

I continue to ask myself that at times, however, when something is true and pure, when it’s from God, as we know D.D. Palmer received Chiropractic in a vision from God, then it all makes sense!

People can sense that…they can feel God’s presence, they can sense and feel our team’s mission and passion to serve. So less talk equals more volume. It opens up “space” in our practices, and in our heads. It allows God to use us to serve more of this sick and suffering humanity. To empty out the hospitals and fill up the places of worship! As our mentor (who we are eternally grateful to God for putting him in our lives), Dr Rob Schiffman says, “We are not on a Mission, We are the Mission!”

Dream Practice Questions

1. How did you let your community know your story and mission when you first started. What types of strategies did you utilize to invite new patients into the practice?

As Dr. Demartini says “where ever 2 or more gather….” So when we opened our practice, we talked, spoke, screened, yelled, knocked, shook hands, joined and you get the idea. We talked TIC where ever anyone would listen – “Early to bed and early to rise, work like hell and advertise” B.J. Palmer. As we learned more about ourselves and the practice grew, we started to refine and we still perform external marketing, but now it’s “wherever 100- 200 or more gather….” and we focus on our internal procedures with the 80/20 principle. Our current patients are the 20% that will get us the 80%.

2. How many new patients per month are introduced to your practice and what percentage come from internal vs external referrals?

100+ NP per month. 75% come from internal marketing and referrals. The other 25% from Advertising/Attorneys/Screenings, etc.

3. What could students be doing right NOW, to make sure they hit the ground running when they graduate?

Find chiropractors who you resonate with and train with them. Be open to learning and serving. Be a Servant. Realize now that you need help, need a coach and mentor. Attending the Get the Big Idea Seminars/Principled Revolution to learn how to serve the masses as a student and be a chiropractic champion when they start their practice.

Thanks again! I just love your purpose.

Always Faithful,

Dr. Jeremy Hess


Onward and Upward,
Dr. Darren White

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Brandon Harshe
September 6th, 2008 on 8:52 am

Thanks for this post. Those are a couple of solid docs. Very, very inspirational and motivating.

September 6th, 2008 on 9:29 am

Why is it that chiropractors with high volume practices have a large number of new patients? Is there a way to have a high volume practice and keep your patients for a longer period of time?

Darren White
September 6th, 2008 on 9:35 am

@ Debbie

Jeremy and Amanda practice an upper cervical technique and therefore adjust less as their patients hold their adjustments. I am sure they keep a lot of their patients around for a lifetime!

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