Thank you so much for the great feedback on the Dream Practice Blueprint. I have a lot of fantastic suggestions to keep me busy for awhile. One of the most frequent concerns I am hearing is “How the heck to you keep track of all this stuff?” It did not happen overnight! In fact it was just the opposite. Like most “overnight successes,” it was many years in the making. Consider that it is really the small little things you do on a daily basis that ultimately land you at the top.

We have all heard these many times.

    1. Let’s get back to basics.
    2. It’s a game of inches.
    3. Just swim to the next buoy.
    4. Success is a habit.

When you have taken on a mission that is bigger than yourself, it is easy to get lost in the big picture and loose sight of what needs to be done today to ensure your success tomorrow. Taking the Chiropractic Story to the masses can be a daunting task when you think about all that needs to be done, especially if you own your own practice. In every moment someone or something in vying for your attention, and it becomes so easy to get off track and lose focus and purpose.

Daily Success Rituals

One tool I have loved to use is a Daily Success Ritual Checklist. This checklist is to be reviewed and checked off every day. Then you can archive the list, peer back on the most unchecked items, and get help in those areas.

What goes on the List?

As we go through life, we pick up advice that we know is common between all successful people. We know athletes practice every day for hours. We know that Sales People make X number of calls per day. One of the biggest ones that turns up over and over is writing 3 thank you notes per day. Make a study of your mentors and heroes. Dig in deep and find out what their day looks like. Collect these gems and put them on your list.

The Dream Practice List

This list is highly unique for each individual. Click here to download mine below so you have a place to start.

In the Comments section below please share 1 or 2 items you think should be on this checklist.


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July 8th, 2008 on 11:01 am

I have recently started Tony Robbins ’15 minutes to fulfillment’….to hour of power to accomplish several of my daily success rituals. I used to do parts of these while walking my dogs or other things where I wasn’t really giving my full attention to the ‘ritual’. Now I get out and walk for 15 min and breathe, express gratitude, incantations, visualization. I feel SO much better all day by getting out and moving while at the same time accomplishing several things on my daily list.