Double Edge Sword


It has been one week since all the Upper Cervical Chiropractors gathered in Vegas for the Upper Cervical Evolution and I am so delighted to see huge surge of Upper Cervical  Chiropractic  in the online world. During my talk I mentioned that for the first time in history we have the ability to leverage a technology that will allow us to compete with mass media. Information dissemination has always been judged by these 5 criteria;

  1. Reach – the amount of people that will get the information
  2. Accessibility – ease of access to technologies that publish information, biggest barrier being money
  3. Usability – ease of use of the technology
  4. Recency – time line from creation to publication
  5. Permanence – how long will the information stay in front of us

The below video is the perfect example of all 5 factors above.  Think about each of them as you watch the video.

After exploring these factors we discover that the mediums inside of Social Media completely allow us to tell the Chiropractic story and reach just as many if not more people than a Super Bowl ad for a fraction of the cost.  There is NO doubt that if we embrace technologies such as blogging, twitter, facebook, linkedin, etc that we can reposition and brand Chiropractic exactly how it should be.

Be Aware

Just as easy as it is to get information out really fast it can be just as easy to backfire.  For example you may have a blog where you post great information and research on the benefits of Chiropractic and you may even include some testimonials of patients that received great results but a quick Google search of your name now produces a myspace page that shows “other” recreational habits that you also enjoy.  The internet is very transparent!  Remember this as you are positing.  We don’t need to muddy our image any worse.

Branding YOU!

As we are setting up profiles on facebook, twitter and linkedin be sure to assume that anyone and everyone will have access to this information and that this will paint a picture of you.  Your “Brand,” which is your image combined with your  messaging, should be consistent across all of your technologies.  Your bio’s should be similar, your mission should be similar and your pictures should be clean.  As you are creating and contributing, imagine all the possible audiences not just the one you are writing to.

Again, we have an unbelievable opportunity, let’s do it right.


14 Comments for this entry

January Harshe
April 25th, 2009 on 6:52 pm

I think being aware of what else we are putting on the internet and watching what kind of Brand we are making for ourselves is very, very sound advice! Great post!

Scott Brady
April 27th, 2009 on 12:08 pm

THANK YOU for the admonition to keep our image clean and consistent! You are an awesome information trailblazer that has helped guide our profession into the current age-

Brandon Harshe
April 27th, 2009 on 8:10 pm

We do have an opportunity, and we must not screw it up. People are just now beginning to understand the power of Web 2.0. With Oprah now Twittering, people are starting to get the point of how powerful this revolution can and will be.

I think between my mass posting schedule and your tips and information, we can really blaze a trail that will grow exponentially. I’m excited about it!

Darren White
April 27th, 2009 on 10:57 pm

@Brandon Right on! Let’s make it happen!

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